Build a humming loyalty and personalization revenue engine

Increase revenue through higher frequency, basket size, and net loyalty membership growth.

Enjoy an industry-leading loyalty feature set

Show your creative approach to loyalty program development and differentiation. Optimize reward mix, earn and burn mechanics, gamification strategies, and technology processes.

Highly customizable programs that convey the uniqueness of your brand

Strengthen your brand and reputation. Offer experiences, rewards, incentives and gamified challenges your customers can’t get anywhere else.

Increase efficiency of your promotional budget

Do more with less. Optimize campaigns and achieve remarkable results with lower promo spend, decreased CAC, and demonstrated ROI.

Best-in-class customer support

Save thousands of dev, campaign set-up and implementation hours and access a retail-specific platform that truly simplifies customer activation.

Manage and monitor business KPIs

Loyal Guru offers marketing teams the easiest setup, execution and reporting of customer activation initiatives, with its retail-ready automations, drag&drop builders and visual dashboards and reports.

Loyal Guru’s added value for retail marketing teams

Optimize ROI of all marketing channels

Ensure marketing investments pay for themselves (in spades!) in existing and new channels.

Manage consumer consent across devices

Increase consent rates, ensure data privacy and improve brand perception.

Get business insights when you need them most

Drive revenue by appealing to high-profit shoppers or reactivating lapsing customers before it’s too late.

Finally fulfil the promise of 1:1 personalization

Make sure your team can truly leverage the mountains of data available, and serve customers relevant and memorable experiences.

Decrease risk with robust fraud controls

Benefit from security that prevents data breeches and fraudulent use of your coupons and promotions

Leverage new monetization opportunities

Use your data to build strong and transparent relationships with partners creating win-win opportunities and new streams of revenue.

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Loyal Guru has been a great ally in launching our international loyalty program. Since we started designing ‘Mango likes you’, we wanted it to be an omnichannel program with a rich variety of initiatives and experiences. We also wanted it to be as simple as possible for the user. Loyal Guru has helped us succeed at both and that brings great value to our clients.
Guillermo Corominas
Former Chief Client Officer at Mango
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20M+ customers worldwide through their global loyalty program