Retail news: Top 20 blogs for retail trends and updates 2022

Within a bumbling and constantly evolving industry such as retail, trying to stay on top of the newest trends can feel overwhelming With the explosive growth of online shopping and 2020’s brick-and-mortar retail apocalypse due to covid, how do retailers adapt to the ever-changing preferences of consumers today?
Top 20 blogs for retail trends

One important step is to stay informed.

Retail blogs can keep you updated on the industry’s latest stories and prepare you for the upcoming trends that will transform the industry in 2019 and beyond.

However, by condensing your news consumption down to a handful of the most relevant retail blogs & newsletters, you can easily stay on top of what matters most without spending hours glued to retail updates.

So, to help you do just that, we’ve put together a list of today’s top 20 retail publications. Enjoy!

1. Retail Dive

What It is:

Publication from Industry Dive. A daily general newsletter & 3 weekly options for marketing, tech and mobile commerce news.

Retail Dive analyzes emerging and existing trends, stories, and technology in the retail industry, and writes in-depth articles on them.

Their blog features topics like retail trends, eCommerce, marketing, tech, logistics, corporate news and retail specific strategies such as how to thrive during busy sales periods like the holiday season.

Also, Retail Drive conducts its own primary research and offers thought leadership pieces and a job board!


256K monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

2. Retail Wire

What It is:

Retail Wire is retailing’s premier online discussion site, serving the industry for over 15 years with compelling content that goes well beyond headline reporting.

On a daily basis, experts post a headline with a discussion question. The results are virtual round tables covering the most dynamic trends affecting retailing today.

Other sections include retail news, press releases, downloadable assets and videos.

Their editors post daily topics worthy of commentary by the RetailWire BrainTrust panel.


37k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

3. Chain Store Age

What It is:

Chain Store Age is the nation’s leading provider of retail news and analysis for retail headquarters executives across all sectors of the industry, both in print and online.

CSA reports on and analyzes trends and strategies in all areas of store operations and store development, including technology, marketing, human resources, finance, store design & construction, facilities management and real estate.

In addition to a print magazine (published six times annually), CSA offers a variety of digital products, including a rich and robust web site, a daily e-newsletter and category-specific newsletters in store development and facilities and real estate.


55k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

4. NRF Smartbrief

What It is:

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is the world’s largest retail trade association.

For over 100 years the NRF has lobbied with Congress to support the retail industry. Amongst other benefits, they provide mentorship and networking for their members.

The NRF’s blog touches on the economy, connected commerce, consumer trends, retail technology, small business trends, and holiday and seasonal trends. They also conduct a lot of in-depth primary research and translate their findings into great reports.


329k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

5. Retail Week

What It is:

Retail Week is the voice of the UK retail industry.

Since 1988 Retail Week helped advance the retail industry by delivering critical analysis of the sector’s performance while providing a platform to defend the interests and celebrate the successes of the retail industry.

Their mission is to connect retailers with the industry via our market-leading analysis, insightful data, comprehensive news and our exclusive events.

A subscription will unlock retail information to navigate through the current, fast-paced digital transformation.


157k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

6. RIS News

What It is:

Retail Information Systems (RIS) is the leading source for business intelligence and technology insight for retail executives adapting to market forces that are disruptive, transformational and engines for innovation.

RIS develops solutions that connect retailers with customers and prospects, build brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and develop relationships that drive business forward.


31k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

7. Retail TouchPoints

What It is:

Retail TouchPoints was founded in 2006 and is an online Publication focused on optimizing every customer interaction.

While research has shown a significant shift by retailers towards investment in customer-facing technologies, a surprisingly high number of retailers still don’t have a CRM strategy they are satisfied with or a program to build or measure customer loyalty.

The mission at Retail TouchPoints is to provide executives in customer-facing roles with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital mediums.


18k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

8. Forrester Retail

What It is:

Since Forrester is a market research company, this blog is more technical and focused around the in-depth primary research that they’re known for producing.

Much of the content is long-form, but it’s well worth it.

You’ll get the latest news on emerging technology and learn how those innovations will transform the retail industry moving forward. Read their blog to learn everything from how to leverage mobile checkout in-store to merchandising and payments best practices.


157k monthly visitors on main sit (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

9. Supermarket News

What It is:

Supermarket News is the brand food-retail professionals count on for competitive intelligence, news, and information to make smart business decisions.

Retailers, manufacturers, brokers, analysts, association executives and others connected to the industry consider Supermarket News as their primary information source as they lead the way with an experienced team of full-time editors.


250k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

10. The Retail Doctor

What It is:

The Retail Doctor, otherwise known as Bob Phibbs, has over 25 years of experience consulting companies like LEGO and Paul Mitchell on how to optimize their brick-and-mortar stores, train their staff, and grow their in-store sales.

Bob Phibbs is an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor, author of three books, and motivational business speaker.

His blog covers the tactics of how retailers can scale their business and thrive as the industry pushes forward.


27k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

11. Retail Customer Experience

What It is:

Retail Customer Experience is a premier news and information site dedicated exclusively to helping retailers increase sales by increasing loyalty through the improvement of the customer experience.

This blog looks at how retailers can provide a great experience before, during, and after a sale.

As you would expect, they often do tips and tricks for those in the retail industry, such as how to train workers with a POS solution..

However, perhaps their real value comes from case studies and in-depth reports: they have a report on 5G, the importance of mobile coupons, the psychology behind retail marketing, and the threats currently causing problems for retail brands.


30k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

12. Retail Gazette

What It is:

The Retail Gazette publishes independently-sourced news stories, interviews, comment and analysis relating to the UK’s diverse retail industry.

Its content is free, and aims to provide clear, concise, accurate and balanced news reports and features about British retailers or international retailers trading in the UK.

Founded in 2010, its news content has a focus on consumer-facing retailers – whether it be high street or ecommerce brands – and it is primarily catered to senior professionals who work for these retail brands.


90k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

13. Talking Retail

What It is:

Established in 2007, Talking Retail brings retailers the latest news, analysis and information across the UK convenience and independent grocery retail sectors.

It provides must-have information that helps in the day-to-day running of stores and keeps readers up to date with the latest news and product information.


39k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

14. Retail Times

What It is:

One of UK‘s top retail-centric websites.

Retail Times is an independently owned website reporting on local and global retail markets.

It delivers original and unique retail news and is first with the detail; discovering, exploring and revealing the latest retail trends, opinion and innovation in this vibrant business sector.

The Retail Times website provides retail professionals and consumers with free access to all sections of the site, there’s no subscription charges or pay-to-view-page fees.


8k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

15. Total Retail

What It is:

Total Retail is the go-to source for executives looking for the latest news and analysis on the retail industry.

The brand offers a daily e-newsletter (Total Retail Report), content-rich website, virtual (e.g., webinars) and in-person events (Total Retail Tech, Total Retail Roundtables), comprehensive research reports, podcast channel (Total Retail Talks), and video series (Retail Right Now).

This content serves to provide retail with the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

In addition to Total Retail’s content offerings, the brand is helping to build community within the retail industry. At their in-person events throughout the year, retailers have the opportunity to network with their peers, gain industry insight, and improve their careers and businesses they work for.


6k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

18. Rethink Retail

What It is:

RETHINK Retail is the destination for executive-led insights into the trends and innovations that are transforming the global retail landscape.

Through their award-winning podcasts, fresh, original and thought-provoking content series, and partnerships with the world’s leading retail events, they reach an audience of top retail decision-makers and industry thought leaders.


1k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

19. Retail Minded

What It is:

Retail Minded is an internationally recognized industry blog and publication that is committed to delivering quality news, education and support specific to independent retailers.

Founded in 2007 by retail thought leader and influencer Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded introduces retailers to leading industry resources, merchant specific news and timely education to help independent businesses – both online and offline – thrive in their unique retail goals.

In addition to Retail Minded’s ongoing retail research, Retail Minded provides content services to companies looking to communicate to retail audiences.


2k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)

20. Retail Geek

What It is:

This website is about how consumers shop, what makes a great retail experience online or in-store, and how retailers occasionally fall short.

It’s also about some of the cool technologies that get used in the art of shopper marketing, and occasionally about some of the great gadgets that are available for purchase when we do go shopping.


2k monthly visitors (Source: Semrush, Sept 2022)


There you have it: 20 websites you can rely on to stay on top of the latest news, stories, tips and hacks in the retail industry.

While you may not have time for all 20, subscribing to the newsletters most relevant to your specific interests should provide more than enough updates each week.

Interested in retail podcasts? Click the image to find our curated list!

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