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What Customer Loyalty Means for Food Retailers in The New Normal

Adapting to changes Retailers and suppliers are slowly adapting to the changes brought by the new normal. Consumer behavior is becoming more unpredictable with each day that passes and categories, products, and brands could be affected for a long time.  Food retailers and CPG brands

The Role of Big Data in the CPG-Retailer Relationship

The role of big data in the retail sector is increasingly overriding for decision-making. Food retailers that use big data are more likely to boost their profits when they make smart investments in consumer analytics. Leveraging big data efficiently allows retailers to track and analyze

Loyalty programs as a way of differentiation

In an increasingly competitive commercial world, knowing the customer well has become a priority. Knowing what holds them off or motivates them, what devices they use, and their behavior, is essential to build a customer profile. There are quite a few food retailers that have
Are you personalizing your promotions? You should

Are you personalizing your promotions? You should

In the food retail industry, the similarity of products and prices makes it more difficult for retailers to have a competitive advantage over the competition. Here is where personalized promotions play an important role. Custom campaigns have a higher level of engagement than mass campaigns.