Holland & Barrett "Rewards for Life" loyalty program review

Nourishing Health Enthusiasts with Benefits and Wellness Rewards
Holland&Barrett_Rewards for Life_Loyalty program review

The primary objectives of Holland & Barrett’s Rewards for Life program are to foster customer loyalty, encourage healthy living choices, and offer valuable wellness benefits. The Rewards for Life program effectively engages health enthusiasts by offering wellness benefits, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers.

Company intro

Holland & Barrett (H&B) is a multinational chain of health food shops with over 7000 employees and 1300 stores in 16 countries, with special presence in UK. It was founded in 1870, and sells vitamins, minerals, ethical beaty enzymes, herbal medicines and vegetarian foods.

Loyalty program overview

Holland & Barrett offers the Rewards for Life program to provide health enthusiasts with cashback benefits, a personalized shopping experience and exclusive rewards.

The program was launched in 2011, and in 2012 it reached 1 million members. In 2015, the program Rewards for Life had 5 million members.

Catering to individuals seeking natural and holistic solutions, Holland & Barrett aims to cultivate customer loyalty and become a trusted destination for wellness through its loyalty program.

Holland & Barrett’s loyalty program structure:

Holland & Barrett’s Rewards for Life membership is a cashback loyalty program, where members get points for every purchase, which get converted into discount vouchers.

  • Receive 300 bonus points worth £3 immediately after joining
  • Collect 4 points for every £1 spend
  • Receive exclusive promotions including bonus point events and product offers
  • Regularly receive a reward coupon to spend on anything
The Penny Sale

From time to time, they have a famous penny sales where shoppers can buy 1 item and get another for just 1 penny.

Money Off Receipt

On the end of a receipt, Holland and Barrett prints coupons, such as a voucher for 25% off 1 item in store at a later date.

The Rewards for Life program is free to join, and members collect point every time they shop. The program is limited to residents in the UK, and aged 16 years or more. Enrollment can be completed in-store, online and via mail order. The program seamlessly integrates across various shopping channels, allowing members to earn and redeem points both in-store and online, ensuring a consistent experience across different touchpoints. Vouchers come on a printed receipt, via a voucher code or on the mobile app.

Holland & Barrett utilizes customer data to offer personalized product recommendations, tailored offers based on individual health goals, and resources aligned with members’ well-being needs.

Holland & Barrett loyalty app

The Holland & Barrett App gives users the best of health and wellness advice and service, quality products, app-only discount codes, and exclusive offers.

Members can use the customer app for the following features:

  • Browse the entire product range, including natural beauty, food & drink, vitamins & supplements, weight management, CBD, vegan & more – and purchase directly on the app.
  • Scan & learn with a barcode scanner when shopping in store with or scan favourite products at home to quickly & easily reorder.
  • App-exclusive offers and discount codes.
  • Build a wellness wishlist full of all your favourite products.
  • Rewards for Life card to collect points on every purchase, check balance and use coupons for money off.
  • Expert-approved health & wellness content on the Health Hub, from recipes, to at-home workouts and our podcast, the Wellness Edit.
  • Subscribe & Save, to never run out of your favourite products.
  • Store locator
  • Click & Collect

According to our research, Holland & Barrett’s loyalty app has excellent customer reviews:

Data and Analytics:

Through the Rewards for Life program, Holland & Barrett collects valuable customer data, including purchase history, health preferences, and well-being objectives. This data enables Holland & Barrett to provide targeted recommendations, personalized offers, and improved product selection.

The company’s Chief Data Officer, Dobo Radichkov, stated in July 2023 that while the company is only in phase II of a planned digital transformation, it has already achieved the basics of a 3-layer modern data architecture.

If you look at where we were even a year ago, a lot of the strategic decision making was subjective, a lot of gut feel and opinion. Now, we’re removing that and introducing accountability and transparency into discussions and key meetings. Overall, we are seeing the whole organization becoming more effective and productive, because they have the data that they need to make decisions.

Dobo Radichkov, Chief Data Officer at Holland & Barrett

All of the company’s operational daily, weekly, monthly reporting is done through its modern data platform. This includes standard management reporting, but also real-time same day reporting, which allows line of business managers to know how the business is doing hour by hour. This is especially useful to track the progress of promotions or in peak season.

Recommendations and growth opportunities

Behavioral segmentation:

Implement advanced behavioral segmentation to categorize Rewards for Life members based on their purchase history, preferred product categories, and wellness goals. This data can be used to target members with highly relevant offers.

Customer journey analysis:

Use purchase path analysis to understand the customer journey within the loyalty program. Identify common paths to conversion and areas where members might drop off. Optimize the user experience based on these insights.

Increased sales and CLV:

Analyzing the purchasing behavior of Rewards Program members compared to non-members, including average order values, frequency of purchases, and customer retention rates, can measure the program’s impact on driving sales and customer lifetime value.

Assessing the impact of the program on members’ well-being, such as changes in health habits, adoption of natural remedies, or increased knowledge about holistic health, can demonstrate the program’s positive influence.

Managing points balance in real-time

By incorporating real-time points management, members can have greater control and visibility over their Rewards for Life points, leading to increased engagement and a higher likelihood of redeeming points for discounts, ultimately driving sales and AOV.

  1. Real-time points tracking: Provide members with a user-friendly dashboard within the loyalty app or on the website where they can view their points balance in real-time. Ensure that points earned from recent purchases, promotions, or activities are immediately reflected.
  2. Transaction history: Allow members to access a detailed transaction history that shows how they earned and redeemed points. This transparency helps members understand how they’ve accumulated points and encourages them to engage more with the program.
  3. Push notifications: Implement push notifications or alerts that inform members when they earn points, reminding them to use those points for discounts or rewards during their current shopping session.
  4. Points expiry alerts: Send notifications to members when their points are about to expire, encouraging them to redeem points before they’re lost. This helps increase point utilization and engagement.
Enhanced personalization with wellness journey mapping:

Holland & Barrett could further leverage customer data to provide highly personalized health recommendations, tailored offers, and curated wellness content based on individual health goals, ensuring a more relevant and effective experience for each member.

Implement a feature that allows members to map out their wellness journey and set achievable milestones. Offer rewards or discounts for reaching these milestones, such as completing a certain number of workouts or adhering to a specific diet.

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Referral program:

Introduce a referral program where members can refer friends and family to join Rewards for Life. Offer rewards, such as bonus points or discounts, to both the referrer and the new member, thereby increasing the program’s reach and sales potential.

Experiential loyalty:

While the program provides a variety of rewards, some members may desire additional benefits such as personalized wellness plans, exclusive access to wellness retreats, or tailored guidance from health experts.

Enhanced loyalty app features
  1. Wellness tracking: Enhance the loyalty app with wellness tracking features. Allow members to track their health and wellness progress, input data like steps taken or dietary habits, and receive personalized recommendations based on their goals.
  2. Barcode scanning: Integrate barcode scanning capabilities into the app, enabling members to scan product barcodes in-store for detailed nutritional information, ingredients, and customer reviews.
  3. Community forum: Create a community forum within the app where members can engage with one another, share wellness tips, and discuss product experiences. This builds a sense of belonging and fosters engagement.


The primary objectives of Holland & Barrett’s Rewards for Life program are to foster customer loyalty, encourage healthy living choices, and offer valuable wellness benefits. The Rewards for Life program effectively engages health enthusiasts by offering wellness benefits, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers.

By leveraging customer data and providing tailored wellness experiences, Holland & Barrett establishes itself as a trusted partner for holistic well-being, fostering customer loyalty and driving a healthier lifestyle. By implementing recommendations for enhanced personalization, wellness plans, and exclusive wellness experiences, Holland & Barrett can further elevate the program’s effectiveness and solidify its position as a destination for natural wellness solutions.

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