Wegmans' Shoppers Club

The Wegmans Shoppers Club effectively engages customers by offering savings, personalized offers, and convenient shopping tools. By leveraging customer data and providing tailored discounts, Wegmans establishes itself as a trusted grocery destination, fostering customer loyalty and driving repeat visits.
Wegmans' Shoppers Club

Wegmans Food Markets is a privately held US supermarket chain, headquartered in Gates, NY, and founded in 1916.

They sell a wide array of products: bakery, delicatessen, dairy, grocery, frozen foods, organic foods, meat, produce, seafood, wine, beer, spirits, floral products, pet supplies, prepared foods, etc.

Wegmans is ranked 29th on the Supermarket News list of the Top 75 North American Food Retailers based on sales volume. Most of their newer stores are superstores or megamarket types. Wegmans began private labeling some products in 1979, offering basic commodities at a lower price than national brands.

In 2022, Wegmans had 109 stores in 8 states. Wegmans has appeared on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list.

Fun fact:

The Wegmans brand was used extensively in the American sitcom The Office.

Wegmans’ Shoppers Club loyalty program overview

Wegmans, a renowned grocery store chain, offers the Shoppers Club loyalty program to provide customers with a rewarding shopping experience and exclusive benefits. With a wide range of groceries, fresh produce, and household items, Wegmans aims to foster customer loyalty and become a preferred destination for quality essentials through its loyalty program.

The Shoppers Club loyalty program stands out with its focus on savings, personalized offers, and integration with digital tools.

The card offers automatic discounts on products throughout the store. The savings are instantly subtracted from shoppers’ final grocery receipts at the register. In addition, card members receive coupons, information on product recalls and copies of Wegmans in-store magazine.

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Loyalty program objectives:

By providing a range of rewards, personalized offers, and convenient services, Wegmans aims to build lasting relationships with its customers while delivering exceptional value for their grocery shopping needs.

The Shoppers Club card is a tradition for us. It started in 1990. Wegmans was one of the first supermarkets in the country to introduce the scannable loyalty card.

Jo Natale, former VP Media Relations at Wegmans

Shoppers Club loyalty program structure:

Customers can easily sign up for the Shoppers Club in-store, through the Wegmans website, or via the mobile app, providing basic information and receiving immediate membership benefits.

The Shoppers Club includes features such as digital coupons, member discounts, personalized offers, and convenient shopping tools. Benefits of the free Shoppers Club membership include:

Digital coupons

Members of the program enjoy access to digital coupons that can be loaded onto their Shoppers Club account through the Wegmans website or mobile app, allowing for convenient savings during checkout.

How it Works:

  1. Clip offers on the App or on wegmans.com
  2. Purchase products at store
  3. Redeem at checkout with Shoppers Club card
Shopping lists

The lists are organized by the actual aisles in physical store for convenient and fast shopping in the store.

Online receipts

Members can access receipts from previous shopping trips.

Up-to-the-minute info

Product recall information is shared.

Special member-only mailings

Members receive meal ideas, entertaining help, and special offers. They can choose from recommended “Meals We Think You’ll Love” or use our “Create-Your-Meal Tool” to find options that fit specific needs.

Wegmans Customer App

Wegmans offers a loyalty app that includes a number of member benefits. Shoppers can build their shopping list, find items by aisle in local store, brwse hundreds of recipes and get personal recommendations for meals and products. Of course, they can save on items with Shoppers Club digital coupons.

Members can also shop for cubside pickup (Wegmans employees will load shopping in the car when they arrive at the store) or delivery, powered by Instacart.

The program seamlessly integrates with the Wegmans mobile app, allowing members to load digital coupons and access personalized offers while shopping in-store or online.

Growth opportunities:

Here are some recommendations for enhancing Wegmans’ Shoppers Club loyalty program:

Advanced customer segmentation:

Implement advanced analytics to segment Shoppers Club members into distinct groups based on purchase behavior, preferences, and demographics. This segmentation can be used to tailor promotions and offers more effectively.

Predictive analytics:

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast member behavior, such as which products they are likely to purchase next or when they are most likely to shop. This can inform the timing and targeting of promotions.

Churn prediction:

Implement churn prediction models to identify members at risk of leaving the program. Proactive measures, such as personalized win-back offers, can be taken to retain these members.

Mobile wallet integration:

Integrate the Shoppers Club loyalty card into popular mobile wallet apps like Apple Wallet and Google Pay. This simplifies the checkout process and increases convenience for members.

Gamified features:

Introduce gamification elements to the loyalty program and customer app, such as challenges, badges, and rewards for completing specific tasks or achieving milestones within the loyalty program. This can boost member engagement.

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Real-Time personalized recommendations:

Implement real-time recommendation engines that provide members with product suggestions based on their current in-store or online browsing behavior. This increases the likelihood of upselling and cross-selling.

Increased Sales and AOV:
  1. Tiered rewards: Expand the Shoppers Club to include tiered rewards that offer higher-value benefits to members who reach higher spending thresholds. For instance, Platinum members could receive exclusive discounts or free delivery.
  2. Bundle promotions: Create bundle promotions where members receive a discount for purchasing complementary products together. For example, offer a discount on wine when a member buys a steak.
  3. Limited-time offers: Launch limited-time offers and flash sales exclusively for Shoppers Club members. These time-sensitive deals can create a sense of urgency and drive members to make purchases.
  4. Spend-and-Get rewards: Introduce spend-and-get promotions where members receive a monetary reward (e.g., a $10 voucher) for reaching a certain spending threshold during a specific time period.

By implementing these recommendations, Wegmans can enhance its Shoppers Club loyalty program, increase member engagement, and drive higher sales and AOV. It’s essential to continually analyze data and gather member feedback to refine and optimize the program over time.


The Wegmans Shoppers Club effectively engages customers by offering savings, personalized offers, and convenient shopping tools.

By implementing recommendations for enhanced personalization, meal planning resources, and exclusive culinary experiences, Wegmans can further elevate the program’s effectiveness and solidify its position as a preferred source for quality groceries and savings.

If you’re a retailer and you’d like to talk about loyalty management technology in more detail, then get in touch our team – we’ll be happy to show you examples or talk through your brand’s unique challenges.

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