Loyal Guru Partners with FJX to Drive Retail Innovation in MENA and CIS

Loyal Guru Partners with FJX to Bring Innovative Loyalty Solutions to MENA and CIS Retailers

[Barcelona] March, 25th 2024 – Loyal Guru, the leading Customer Loyalty Platform for retailers, announces the partnership with FJX, a leading provider of retail solutions and a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovation and digital transformation in the MENA and CIS regions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Loyal Guru’s mission to empower retailers with cutting-edge loyalty solutions.

Through this partnership, retailers in the MENA and CIS regions will gain access to Loyal Guru’s innovative customer activation platform and solutions, facilitated by FJX’s extensive network and expertise. This partnership will simplify the acquisition and integration process with FJX’s support, enabling retailers to effectively utilize Loyal Guru’s Smart Loyalty Platform for enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

“FJX’s reputation and reach in the MENA and CIS regions make them an ideal partner for us as we expand our presence and drive digital transformation in the retail sector. Together with FJX, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled value to retailers, helping them succeed in an increasingly digital landscape”, said Borja Sanfeliu, CEO at Loyal Guru.

Loyal Guru’s platform, renowned for its real-time customer data collection and activation capabilities, will now be enhanced through FJX’s expertise in the GCC region. With FJX’s aim to broker to retailers in the GCC region, this partnership aims to optimize existing customer experiences and jointly encourage their adoption of the platform. Through this collaboration, retailers will leverage the full potential of their customer data, facilitating the creation of personalized campaigns and the identification of new revenue streams, ultimately driving business growth and enhancing the customer experience.

“The partnership between FJX and Loyal Guru holds great significance for us. Their expertise in enhancing retail through innovative loyalty programs aligns perfectly with our dedication to service excellence. Together, we’re positioned to advance the retail sector in the MENA and CIS regions, delivering meaningful progress for our clients and their consumers. This collaboration is set to make a substantial impact on the industry.” said Florian Jansen, CEO at FJX.

About Loyal Guru

Loyal Guru is the leading Customer Loyalty Platform for retailers, designed to collect and activate customer data in real-time into a single view. Servicing over 50 retail businesses in 20 countries across the globe, Loyal Guru helps retailers to activate previously untapped data and customers, create personalized campaigns and offers that positively impact the customer, and identify new revenue streams for their customers and the brands they represent.
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About FJX

FJX is an IT service and consulting firm that specializes in distribution and implementation of retail technology in the MENA and CIS regions. With a commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation, FJX partners with leading technology providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower retailers to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.
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