How to select the right coupon management system – 14 criteria retail CMOs consider

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Using coupons, retailers get the following options: they can encourage customers to add specific items to their cart, spend above a specified minimum order total, reduce cart abandonment and more.…
Loyalty App for grocers personalized coupons
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Coupon examples in retail.

There are specific psychological triggers that draw customers to certain types of promotions and encourage them to buy.  Research shows that when shoppers find a good offer, it actually leads…
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Coupon examples in retail. How to improve retail results with coupons and offer personalization

Omnichannel marketing statistics

Did you know that retailers with omni channel marketing capabilities retain on average 89% of their customers? This is compared to a 33% customer retention rate for companies with weak omnichannel strategies. Omnichannel…
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Omnichannel retail marketing statistics